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dev libs

Post by crex » Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:29

hello. I'm trying to get freebasic working.

from the ReadMe:

Code: Select all

            x86:               amd64 old:           amd64 new:
              gcc                gcc-multilib         gcc-multilib
              g++                g++-multilib         g++-multilib
              libncurses5-dev    lib32ncurses5-dev    lib32ncurses5-dev
              libx11-dev         ia32-libs            libx11-dev:i386
              libxext-dev        lib32ffi-dev         libxext-dev:i386
              libxrender-dev                          libxrender-dev:i386
              libxrandr-dev                           libxrandr-dev:i386
              libxpm-dev                              libxpm-dev:i386
Is there a Sabayon equivalent for these libraries?

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