Help with RaspberryPi Install.

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Help with RaspberryPi Install.

Postby Avanesov » Mon Aug 26, 2013 19:07

I m using the "Sabayon_Linux_DAILY_armv6l_Raspberry_Pi_4GB.img.xz" download and cannot seem to find any instructions on how it is supposed to be installed. I have unpacked it into a .img and tried to use unetbootin or the LinuxLive installer but they both hang. Am I going about it wrong or am I just having an issue with those two programs? Just looking for some general guidance on weather or not I am working in the right direction.

FYI, I am currently working off a Windows8 system.
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Re: Help with RaspberryPi Install.

Postby tek640 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:26

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Re: Help with RaspberryPi Install.

Postby belcocco » Tue Aug 27, 2013 17:43

Open a console as 'root' and type the command:
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#cd <path-where-is-Sabayon_Linux_DAILY_armv6l_Raspberry_Pi_4GB.img.xz>
then find out what is the device of your flashcard with the command:
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#fdisk -l
example: /dev/sdd
Then enter the command:
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#dd if=Sabayon_Linux_DAILY_armv6l_Raspberry_Pi_4GB.img.xz of=/dev/sdd

After the boot on raspberry at login type:
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user: sabayon
password: sabayon
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superuser: root
password: root
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