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Postby wintermute » Mon Aug 12, 2013 13:40

i am new to sabayon and the wider gentoo world, not so new to gnu/ linux..
beside the general orientation to all things free, with my descovery of blender, most of my work is done with opensource tools..
if there are (and i am guessing that it is so) blender users here, i'd like to share (suppose ask/ take at first and with experience give back) experiences, advice, tips etc. about this wonderful piece of software and the people around it..
i have, perhaps wrongly, posted already in the noob section in the nvidia topic partially (sorry, will learn the structure of the forum with time, if parts of posts are (re)moved, i understand completely and apologies for the cleanup task to the mod i may have caused) concerning the availability of builds through the repo and the functionality of nvidia (prop) drivers and cuda put in use of gpu computing (cycles realtime rendering engine) in sabayon.. using it in active projects for about a year and a half, still finding things about it that surprise me, in its infinite depth and learning new ways of creating with it even today..
any heads up from people with more experience are very much appreciated, i will be happy to reciprocate and share what i can..
i am an industrial designer (mostly) and a blender enthusiast.. shifting more and more of my workflow to it as it develops..
thank you all for reading this, hope that useful and fun tips and tricks on blender in sabayon and perhaps in a wider sense will aggregate here in the times yet to come..
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Re: blender

Postby wintermute » Mon Aug 12, 2013 16:03

i did some initial research on package manager(s) in sabayon and i'm not quite clear on one thing..
how realistic is the idea to use portage to install and maintain (update) only blender and use entropy for, basically everything else??
i only assume that this way a more recent version of blender would be available and a minor performance gain would be attainable..
generally, i care less about the "bleeding edge" but with blender every iteration brings significant additions to functionality and performance that i actually use from the moment that they are introduced..
my dilemma is, especially for a new user (of a gentoo based system), whether it is "worth" taking this approach (emerge blender, equo everything else) and how likely is it to cause me problems down the road..
thank you for input valuable to me with making these decisions..
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Re: blender

Postby Stupot » Mon Aug 12, 2013 16:54

If a new gentoo ebuild for blender comes out, if it requires a bunch of updated dependencies that aren't a part of the entropy repo yet, then upgrading it will replace more of your system with portage packages. Waiting until underlying dependencies are updated in the entropy repo, you shouldn't run into any major issues by using the portage blender.
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Re: blender

Postby wintermute » Sat Aug 17, 2013 15:44

as it seems at the moment (16.08.13), the blender build in the repos (weekly) is "flawed" enough (missing the entire cycles rendering engine due to a missing useflag -cycles, and "obsolete", current version minus two) for me to look into the alternatives..
so far i have turned to the portage way, only for blender..
these i will try to install first "manually" (entropy): ... -show-what
to minimize the dependency issues later on..
this is my first sabayon and any gentoo based system, so, experienced with these package managers i am not..
this is the idea, still searching for a proper syntax, but basically:
install sabayon,
update (entropy),
install nvidia drivers,
install cuda,
install the blender dependencies,
install blender (portage),
"tell" entropy to disregard blender,
update system (entropy, obviously)..
any suggestions are very very welcome..
will post here in detail on how it went/ goes..
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Re: blender

Postby wintermute » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:22

as for now, i have decided to wait for the version bump and compiled with cycles to show up in the repo and in the meantime use a build from (the latest release 2.68a) simply unpacked on my harddrive.. do not feel comfortable with mixing the portage in yet, and to build from source (make, install) always felt too desperate to me..
it does work well.. too bad that the only way to launch it is to navigate to the directory that i have the binary unpacked and stored in and execute the blender file.. in fedora i've used the alacarte graphical frontend to add simply multiple builds to the gnome "menu"/ app launcher, today i've tried the same in sabayon, no luck (the alacarte is there and running but doesn't seem to work and do what it is supposed to)..
anyway.. hoping that a decent and recent blender is coming to the repos soon and solve all these "issues" created by workarounds (although having a working alacarte would be nice and useful for probable multiple builds and generally something that gnome users "deserve" to have).. :D
so far not too bad actually.. have testes with a scene of "medium" complexity pushing cycles a little with a lot of bouncing and gi.. no crashes, satisfying performance.. hope that it will prove to be a stable and consistent system (sabayon) in a long(er) run since i really like it and would like to keep it..
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