Problems Rebooting from lxdm logon w/ systemd

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Problems Rebooting from lxdm logon w/ systemd

Postby sqlpython » Thu Aug 08, 2013 16:50

Problems Rebooting from lxdm logon w/ systemd
As the subject says..
I have upgraded to the 13.x Sabayon xfce.
I had been running systemd before the Upgrade but that modified to original system after the the Upgrade.

I believe that Sabayon Xfce is logging in via lxdm as I don't see another login display manager.

Previous to engaging the systemd with
Code: Select all
eselect sysvinit set systemd

I was able to Reboot or shutdown from the Login Screen by selecting from the QUIT menu.
Now that selection takes me in a loop back to the Login Screen.

I must do the Reboot or Shutdown logged in from a Desktop for the process to work properly.
Feedback appreciated.
Criticism accepted for Solutions that work. ;^)
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Re: Problems Rebooting from lxdm logon w/ systemd

Postby Tedel » Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:26

Hi, I am getting something similar. When I use openrc, KDM loads at the boot screen. When I switched to systemd to try, KDM did not start and I got the other log in screen (lxdm, I think). I'd like to get KDM login screen using systemd, if possible.

I am subscribing here, as seems to be the same problem.
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