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Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:44
by sqlpython
I didn't like the purple/lilac background artwork for Sabayon 13 upgrade so I replaced all with Sabayon 12 art.
All seemed fine except........
The Grub boot splash continues to appear for about 3 seconds.
My Grub Background and Logon Background and Logon Boot splash is fine Nice Dark Blue.
I hunted down and replaced every Sabayon 13 image that I could find and replaced them all ( I Thought)
in all these dir and sub dir

I continue to see that image on boot..
Does anyone know where else I can look :?:

Re: Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:11
by linuxfluesterer
Hallo Sqlpython.
If you just really want to change the FIRST wallpaper, you see with the GRUB-menu, then only replace

Code: Select all

by a wallpaper you prefer. But keep the same directory and filename.
But if you want to change a complete theme, there is an article, which may interest you to create your own... ... -fbsplash/

I haven't tried myself, though I am also interested in doing that.
Good luck.

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE ...)

Re: Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 14:58
by sqlpython
Thank You for your reply.

I should mention also that I am using Xfce4..
Anyway, the /boot/grub/default-splash.png was the first image that I replaced. That image controls the initial Grub2 boot background and that is now Correct to Sabayon 12.
Also replaced as per above post all the background images in /etc/splash and all the wallpaper, background and lxdm directories that I could find.

So, boot the Laptop to the Grub Menu and that is fine.
The problem is when I choose the Sabayon to boot I see the Sabayon 13 background for about 4 seconds with the the Slider indicator at bottom.. Next I am at the Logon Screen with my Corrected Dark Blue Sabayon 12 background. If I log out all is good. If I reboot I see also the corrected Sabayon 12 Dark Blue with the Slider indicator as it shuts down to boot.

All works as I would expect Except the Start up background between the Grub2 Menu Screen and the lxdm Log On Screen. At least I believe that Sabayon Xfce4 uses lxdm as a logon manager I see no other in the directories. The gdm is empty. I don't use KDM nor lightdm.

Any help out there ?

Re: Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:02
by Fitzcarraldo
It's because you need to rebuild the initramfs-genkernel-* file in /boot. To do that, you'd need to use genkernel (see SL Wiki article HOWTO: Upgrade kernel using genkernel). I do that for the Gentoo installation on my main laptop to change the console background during boot, although I don't bother changing the default console background in SL these days, but I did in the past (see Re: How to install some splash screens that were not updated?).

Re: Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:35
by sqlpython
Thanks @Fizcarraldo
I did find and read on the the Kernel Upgrade path via genkernel ..both on Sabayon's & Gentoo's wiki.
I am reluctant as I am not certain that I will render a command line finally that will include all I need beside Wifi mods etc..

What I did so was to change my boot line in the Grub.cfg to splash=verbose ...
That did help but did not get me to where I wanted to go.
... I ended up after choosing from the Grub menu the wanted sabayonlinux.png background with a Verbose display of all booting sequences as I would see in Debian of Slackware. An improvement as I only see the New Background for a Flash of 1/2 second. As I don't particularly want to see the boot sequences and prefer them Hidden. I believe I would have been able to view them previously by pressing F2 anyway. I like a hidden boot sequence, looks cleaner.
Maybe I will look at Plymouth boot splash again. Has been buggy in the past though..
I will do a forum search.

Re: Grub2 Boot splash: can not change

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 16:27
by sqlpython
Follow Up..
Installed Plymouth with Dracut. Configured Dracut on command line and added a reference to the Dracut in the /etc/make.conf to recognize "Plymouth"
I saw that the plymouthd at boot but did not present the sabayon theme.
Uninstall Plymouth and cleaned up Dracut references.

Workaround for me seems to be systemd

I noted that after the upgrade I lost my boot to systemd as the grub was altered.
I had in the grub.cfg a reference to start to systemd

Code: Select all

Seems now all I had to do was run and reboot.

Code: Select all

eselect sysvinit set systemd
systemd is now running at boot.
systemd boots and shuts down so quickly that I don't see any background and only a few boot shutdown procedures on screend.
Boot less then 5 sec to logon EDIT: make that 9 seconds with fschk
shutdown less then 3 sec to Off.