/etc/mtab, cannot modify [Solved]

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/etc/mtab, cannot modify [Solved]

Postby kwacorn » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:22

Since performing the Sabayon-weekly updates, on 21st April 2013, my system displays the following message during boot up:

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mount.nilfs2: cannot modify /etc/mtab.
Please remount the partition with -f option after making /etc/mtab writable.
nilfs_cleanerd not started

Checking the most recent archive log of rc.log, /var/log/rc.log-20130421.gz, I see the message did not appear prior to the recent updates making me wonder if this may be a new system bug? Could someone advise, as I am not knowledgeable enough in that area to know. I presume this may be preventing garbage collection on the nilfs partitions at present.

mtab is symlinked to /proc/self/mounts both are read only and the owner and group are myself and not root, I do not know what the settings should be, but I had expected mtab to be writeable and owned by root?

(nilfs_cleanerd is provided by the nilfs-utils package which may be due a version bump soon).
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Re: /etc/mtab, cannot modify

Postby joost » Tue Apr 23, 2013 14:22


I'm sure that the recent changes made, needed for systemd, caused this issue for you.
Not being familiar with nilfs at all I did see the package was fairly outdated in Entropy.

I will bump this package to a more recent version ( 2.1.4 ) and it will soon be available in the testing repository.
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Re: /etc/mtab, cannot modify

Postby kwacorn » Sun Apr 28, 2013 14:25

Thank you for the prompt update of nilfs-utils, along with the weekly updates that has fixed the original problem. Also additional nilfs tools are now available in this latest version, which could be very useful.
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