GPG Segmentation Fault

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Baby Hen
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GPG Segmentation Fault

Post by brightfame » Thu Mar 07, 2013 19:59

Hi all,

So I'm having a pretty weird issue with gpg seg faulting whenever I try to use it to encrypt/decrypt a message. I'm running a fresh Sabayon install with all current updates applied, so I'm at version 2.0.19 of gpg and 1.5.0 of libgcrypt. From what I can tell it seems like the seg fault is happening somewhere in libgcrypt, but it's been a while since I've really done any serious debugging. I have a second system set up which is also current (same versions of all the relevant packages, as far as I can see), which does not have the same issue. I'm happy to provide more info...any help is greatly appreciated.

Simple Hen
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Re: GPG Segmentation Fault

Post by colock » Sat Mar 09, 2013 18:31

is that installed on a real machine or into a virtual machine? I ask this because I had a very nifty problem with libotr on sabayon on a vm: the library was detecting a certain CPU feature for encryption (don't remember which one) but it failed when executing that particular instruction. The only fix I found was to recompile libotr explicitly disabling that feature.

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