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dragon- sm- and kplayer shows transparent window

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 14:25
by batvink
hi guys,
My system shows some strange behaviour when playing movies.
It doesn't matter if it's a mpeg, flv, mp4, ogv, flv, whatever.,
it shows only correct in Totem and vlc player.
Dragon player, smplayer, and kplayer shows a transparent window that you can see right through the app
that's running behind it on the desktop.
i've searched in log files, can't find anything unusual.
did libtest and deptest, system is healthy.
I did noticed something: this behaviour started a few days ago, when i switched from AWN to Cairo-dock.

i'm running SL6 CoreCDX -X64 installed KDE (kde-base/kdebase-startkde-4.7.2), and is fully updated to current.

i thought i found the solution on Arch-Wiki.
Although it's strange, 'cause they talking about transparent smplayer in Gnome with Composite enabled.
i'm not running Gnome, but KDE instead. It works partially with SMplayer., No more transparent window, but now it doesn't play. you have to manually choose a file from pull-down menu.
Dragon-player and Kplayer still shows a transparent window.
arch-wiki said:
Transparent SMPlayer in Gnome with Composite enabled
Have you noticed the transparent screen of smplayer when you are using compiz and maybe cairo-dock? Well it’s ridiculous that when you open your videos using SMplayer you can just hear audio and no video! Here’s how you fix this: [copy paste into terminal]

Code: Select all

sudo bash -c "cat > /usr/bin/smplayer.helper" <<EOF
   exec smplayer.real "[email protected]"
   sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/smplayer.helper
   sudo mv /usr/bin/smplayer{,.real}
   sudo ln -sf smplayer.helper /usr/bin/smplayer
If you don’t use sudo then just use “su” to login as root and do the above!

Re: dragon- sm- and kplayer shows transparent window

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 17:52
by ksum
cairo-dock is the problem causing your transparent video window. There is a bug with cairo and qt. I don't remember the line that needs to be putin :( . google cairo and transparent. I'll also look it up and post back. with this line, edit your menu and put it with your start camand. such as smplayer..................

Here is the line you need to add to your menu start cammand:hope this fixes it for you. :D


Re: dragon- sm- and kplayer shows transparent window

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 0:20
by batvink
i allready did that. the window isn't transparent anymore,
but now, when i doubleclick a video, i get a smplayer window, doing nothing.
i have to manually open a video file using the pull down menu.
it should autoplay the video when i doubleclick on it.
smplayer is my default mediaplayer.
and why does kplayer and dragon player have the same behaviour, while Totem & VLC not.....

Re: dragon- sm- and kplayer shows transparent window

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:00
by ksum
You are correct, if you add the line to your menu entry then you only get the fix if the player is started from that menu entry. The cl fix you have listed will need to be explained by someone else because to me it looks like a global fix and would work as you are trying, ie when a file is double clicked. The line added to my menu entry is what I used in another distro sometime in the past. I did not find a global fix and eventually quit using cairo dock. Ken