Installing and Using Squid Proxy..How to help please???

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Installing and Using Squid Proxy..How to help please???

Postby theburrus1 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:51

Hi all,

So I'd like to use Squid Proxy but it's one of those deals you have to use command mode to emerge it, I think. I know how to ask in a terminal "whereis squid" to find it's location. But I actually want to move it or have it show up regularly on my graphical interface, if that's possible? In fact, I've never used a proxy regularly so does it in fact show up under "Applications" or do you just automatically set it up to where as soon as you log into Sabayon you are placed in the proxy and that's that? Thank you for anyone's guidance and I will continue to research the issue until I get a helpful reply! :D
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