Remmina RDP Plugin broken? [Solved]

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Remmina RDP Plugin broken? [Solved]

Post by Stewge464 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 0:24

Hi guys,

Updated today and now remmina no longer recognizes the RDP (Or anything other than SFTP for that matter) and all I get is a simple error:

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Plugin not found (type=0, name=RDP)
I've removed/reinstalled remmina. Tried the tarballs direct from sourceforge (for both remmina and remmina-plugins).

After compiling remmina-plugins I now have access to everything BUT RDP :?


Solved. Downloaded remmina-svn and compiled. Turns out it refuses to compile with FreeRDP from GIT due to some changes on their end. Just downloaded the old version of FreeRDP (0.8.2) tarball from SourceForge and recompiled.
Still no idea why it broke in the first place however :?

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