nxserver free edition subscription?

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Simple Hen
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nxserver free edition subscription?

Post by Gordon » Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:47

I've been trying to get nxserver to work between two Sabayon boxes, but I suspect something is wrong with the packages. When I first installed it using Sulfur, the first response I got from nxserver was that the license was missing. After reinstalling it said that the evaluation license had expired. Sure enough with some help from the nomachine site I found the license file stated an expiration date on 4 september 2011.

Next I used portage to reinstall, but it failed to compile all the individual packages required meaning I have no choice but to keep the Sabayon packages for the ones that failed. Nxserver itself now appears fine, but when I try to connect it now states that there is no valid subscription for nxnode :eye:

Any hints, clues, solutions?

Baby Hen
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Re: nxserver free edition subscription?

Post by figueroa » Thu Oct 13, 2011 19:17

I use net-misc/nxserver-freenx-0.7.3_p104-r5 on my Gentoo machines without any difficulty and with great success. I found this in the Sabayon repositories.

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