Is there any chance of getting emprint via entropy? [Solved]

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Is there any chance of getting emprint via entropy? [Solved]

Post by joe3 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 17:24

I use both E17 & E16 versions of Enlightenment. I'm not really sure from which the emprint cli screenshot utility comes. I have a vague recollection of having to {on one or other of the distros I use} select a separate package with their package management tool to get it. But I like emprint because it's scriptable and works the same whether I happen to be running e17, e16, or even xfce when I call my script...

However It wasn't included as part of e17, nor e16 when I recently installed Sabayon on my laptop. I did some googling around and the only links I found to getting emprint on sabayon were about using emerge with {is it called a "custom ebuild" ??} In any case I chose to use Sabayon's own entropy rather than emerge this time around. I learned the hard way the last time I used Sabayon that mixing emerge and entropy by an average joe was a bad idea.

If emprint isn't likely to become available via entropy, can anyone recommend some other scriptable cli screenshot utility that is in entropy???



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