Eclipse, IDE and Shell editor

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Eclipse, IDE and Shell editor

Post by manifesto » Wed Jul 06, 2011 21:46


I am very new to java and around tools but did try a few time eclipse for snioftware dev, all configured and ready and found it very very convenient but difficult to configure tool.
I wanted to use it for shell scripts I used a lot (difficult to not get lost with several and long scripts).
I found a shell plugin for eclipse.

I can make it work and dont understand how to install that in eclipse. After digging I saw that I may need version 3.6 (aka Helios ...) of eclipse but only 3.5.1 is in entropy.

Any reason about having such a old version for sabayon (and gentoo it looks like !!!) ?.
More general question do anybody use an advanced shell editor ? For you sabayon genious devs what are you using as IDE ?

I am getting last eclipse and will give a new try for this shelled.

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