Can't install arduino (missing avr-g++)

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Baby Hen
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Can't install arduino (missing avr-g++)

Post by rafaeltcc » Wed Nov 10, 2010 18:17


Using latest Sabayon 5.4 KDE 64bits

equo install arduino warns me:

Missing avr-g++; you need to crossdev -s4 avr

I do as told:

crossdev -s4 avr

Everything is emerged all right, no error or warning, but reruning "equo install arduino" brings me the same warning. It seems as if avr-g++ hasn't been built...

Thanks a lot for any help.. For now I have to use a virtual machine with ubuntu to use my arduino...

eix -I avr && eix -I gcc

[U] dev-embedded/avrdude
Available versions: (~)5.4 5.5 (~)5.8 {doc}
Installed versions: 5.5(15:33:13 20-10-2010)(-doc)
Description: AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

[U] sys-devel/gcc
Available versions:
(2.95) *2.95.3-r9 ~*2.95.3-r10!s
(3.1) *3.1.1-r2
(3.2) **3.2.2!s *3.2.3-r4
(3.3) (~)3.3.6-r1!s
(3.4) 3.4.6-r2!s
(4.0) ~*4.0.4!s
(4.1) 4.1.2!s
(4.2) (~)4.2.4-r1!s
(4.3) 4.3.2-r3!s (~)4.3.2-r4!s (~)4.3.3-r2!s 4.3.4!s (~)4.3.5!s
(4.4) (~)4.4.1!s (~)4.4.2!s 4.4.3-r2!s (~)4.4.3-r3!s (~)4.4.4!s (~)4.4.4-r1!s
(4.5) [M]**4.5.0!s [M]**4.5.1!s
{altivec bootstrap boundschecking build d doc fixed-point fortran gcj graphite gtk hardened ip28 ip32r10k java libffi lto mudflap multilib multislot n32 n64 nls nocxx nopie nossp nptl objc objc++ objc-gc openmp static test vanilla}
Installed versions: 4.4.2(4.4)!s(19:28:07 23-06-2010)(fortran gcj mudflap multilib nls nptl objc objc++ objc-gc openmp -altivec -bootstrap -build -doc -fixed-point -graphite -gtk -hardened -ip28 -ip32r10k -libffi -multislot -n32 -n64 -nocxx -test -vanilla)
Description: The GNU Compiler Collection.

[I] sys-devel/gcc-config
Available versions: 1.3.16 1.4.0-r4 1.4.1 **1.5
Installed versions: 1.4.1(19:28:07 23-06-2010)
Description: Utility to change the gcc compiler being used

Baby Hen
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Re: Can't install arduino (missing avr-g++)

Post by rafaeltcc » Thu Nov 11, 2010 14:02

Hi, I had already tried that. I am in the same situation of the last one who posted in the bug report...

USE="-openmp" crossdev -s4 avr

is adequate to get a working avr-gcc, but not g++.

No warinng, no error, but avr-g++ isn't build or recognized...

Baby Hen
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Re: Can't install arduino (missing avr-g++)

Post by vsipola » Sun Jul 03, 2011 22:46

I believe I had the same problem.

For me it helped to first change manually the use flag for crossdev to -nocxx at /etc/portage/package.use, remove any repeated use flags from the line (there were several, apparently after multiple runs of the script) and then use

sudo USE="-nocxx" crossdev -s4 -t avr

as instructed by Mr. Chau at the other forum.

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