Partimage writing permission

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Partimage writing permission

Post by gledof » Wed Feb 18, 2009 14:19

Hi, I try to make a image of a sda6 partition with partimage in Sabayon4, I mount the "ntfs" destiny partition in "/media/EXT"
Run Partimage...setting...and when give the order to start appears a banner telling me..Partimage dont have permission of writing...why?
if I run Partimage as root. The program let me create the image in the Sabayon4 partition, but I don´t have free space to do it. From Ubuntu I did it the same to create a Sabayon4 image and not problem.

sda8-EXT (ntfs)

Young Hen
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Re: Partimage writing permission

Post by frisil » Sun Feb 22, 2009 14:15

Do you have write-support for ntfs enabled? Try if you can write to the disk by running konqueror as root and trying to create folder there.

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