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skype spyware

Postby Digit » Mon Dec 08, 2008 16:33

i just saw mention on another forum that skype is heavy on the spyware, and how some windows users were getting around this with some spyware removal apps. what is done about this issue in the version bundled with sabayon?

if nothing... what can be done about it in sabayon
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Re: skype spyware

Postby xlnagla » Tue Dec 09, 2008 23:51

If you're speaking of the windows version of skype, then clamav can certainly scan for spyware for you. If you refer to our version of skype, skype for linux, then I'm afraid it doesn't have any spyware that I'm aware of - it makes a lot of connections to other machines, but that's due to the way its networking is handled. See this thread for some details about a discussion of the possibility of spyware in linux's skype:
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