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Digital Media Organizer

Post by aedorn » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:31

More of a general question than anything, but I'm looking for a digital media organizer so I can clean up my media collection on my Sabayon box, especially after combining the storage of them into one PC. Somewhere down the line I let things pile up in just one directory, and then multiple directories, and .... well, now it's just a mess. I'm really looking for something to set series in their own subdirectories with a comprehensible numbering scheme for each part of the series, and then rename the files to a more suitable name, either specified or taken from the first file of the series.

This is assuming that the series are already in the correct numbered order within the file name. So something like: "jj01" to "jj05" would become "Jades and Jaspers 01" to "Jades and Jaspers 05" with an entered title from myself, and reside in, say /media/video/Jades and Jaspers/ . To me it really seems simple, probably so simple a shell script could really make it happen. I just don't know enough to accomplish it at this point and really don't want to make this a bigger mess while experimenting. I haven't found something that does it though...

Any suggestions?

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Re: Digital Media Organizer

Post by sjieke » Wed Nov 12, 2008 15:09

Thunar (the XFCE file manager) has a 'batch rename' functionality. With this you could rename all files in a directory and automatically let it add an index number. You would have to create your directories manually though. Maybe this could help you a little...

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Re: Digital Media Organizer

Post by Stupot » Wed Nov 12, 2008 16:41

Here's a command line you could use. You could also turn it into a simple shell script if you wanted.

Example (turning jj01, jj02...jj05 into Jades and Jaspers ##)

Code: Select all

for f in jj*; do mv "$f" "Jades and Jaspers$(f#jj)"; done

Note: jj (the part you are wanting to replace) appears twice in that line. It's easy to forget about the second one.

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