Xdmx proxy X11 server - where is it?

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Xdmx proxy X11 server - where is it?

Post by alfski » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:04

G'day - I want to use Xdmx to join several Sabayon Linux X11 displays together into a single desktop, but Xdmx is not included in this distro?

The dmx extension for the X11 server is there.
So I've got my Sabayon dispays running as clients to a RedHat box running Xdmx... but obviously I'd like to keep everything Sabayon.

Before I go delving into rebuilding xorg-server, has anyone got any pointers on how to build Xdmx for Sabayon?

Cheers, Andrew Leahy

University of Western Sydney

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