amarok and radio on web plugins sometimes works, but...

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amarok and radio on web plugins sometimes works, but...

Post by albfneto » Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:35

I have Sabayon intsalled in two comps. a Desktop * 64 bits) and a notebook (32 bits)...
In the notebook, all work. i listem radio on web streaming, world and brasil, add radios etc... both in Amaraok as in the plugin of the Firefox Navigator and Opera....

But in the Desktop:

Using Opera browser.... message streaming received, but no sound.....
Using Firefox, message plugin not found.... mplayer ans Xine instsalled.
Amarok works great with their own radios ( shoutcast) but whw a add som elocal or brazilian radio...
No more sound and the message is no multiplexing package found....
If you know the problem, please help...
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Re: amarok and radio on web plugins sometimes works, but...

Post by WarraWarra » Tue Sep 23, 2008 18:46

Try re-installing amarok as maybe their plugnins has some issues and a re-install could fix this ?

Check version on 32bit laptop and compare to 64bit desktop maybe using different versions or missing dependancy's ?

Possible file association problem ?

That should about cover most possible problems it could be.

PS> how is the alsa config on the desktop ? Might want to rerun # alsaconfig / # alsaconf but I doubt it is anywhere close to the problem , not sure.

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