boinc: SSL connect error

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boinc: SSL connect error

Post by Wolfcastle » Sun Sep 21, 2008 22:32

I was having some problems with boinc which I installed with equo. After starting the boinc_gui and joining a proyect It starts showing a lot off messages and finally it throws an error message:
"Scheduler request failed: SSL connect error"
According to ... t%20failed this happens when curl has not been compiled with openSSL support. After an equery I see that curl IS compiled with the ssl flag and thus should work. I try installing curl with emerge and USE="ssl" but only to find the error persists.
I downloaded the official package and it works without any problems so clearly there is something wrong with the entropy/portage package.

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Re: boinc: SSL connect error

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:05

Looking at the ebuild for curl-7.18.2, the possible USE flags for curl are ssl, ipv6, ldap, ares, gnutls, libssh2, nss, idn, kerberos and test. Also, looking at the ebuild it has the following couple of lines of comment:

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# TODO - change to openssl USE flag in the not too distant future
# (April 2008)
Also, looking at that Gentoo Bugzilla bug report it states that there is a problem if both the ssl and gnutls USE flags are selected. Perhaps try merging curl with USE="ssl -gnutls" to see what happens?

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