anyone using amazonmp3?

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Re: anyone using amazonmp3?

Postby joost » Sat Mar 07, 2009 21:58

Its in portage now.
If its not causing me any problems i'll add it to entropy.


Code: Select all
[ebuild     UD] dev-util/boost-build-1.34.1 [1.35.0-r1] USE="python (-examples%)" 12,683 kB
[ebuild     UD] dev-libs/boost-1.34.1-r2 [1.35.0-r2] USE="-debug -doc -icu -pyste% -tools (-expat%) (-mpi%)" 6 kB
[ebuild  N F  ] net-misc/amazonmp3-1.0.3-r2  257 kB

It wants me to downgrade stuff in the tree, thats not going to happen..

I'd say forget about it!
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Re: anyone using amazonmp3?

Postby christo4 » Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:43

joost, Thanks for checking it out. Do you think it's an older version in portage than is available on amazon's website (which only offers binaries for other distros)?
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