OpenSync plugins and msynctool

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Young Hen
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OpenSync plugins and msynctool

Post by fenris » Fri Jun 06, 2008 22:33

So, after looking around the gentoo wiki(eventually), I found some directions for installing the evolution and syncml plugins. But, for some reason there's no files with the right names in the repo.

Any ideas? ..What I'm trying to do is to set up a local server so I can sync my phone with it with syncml, and then sync evolution with the server as well.

I also tried Multisync - it seems to hang with a wbxml error, and won't connect to the evo address book for some reason (which was fun, since I spent an hour before I made it compile).

..Are there any other solutions to this that anyone would happen to know?

Baby Hen
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Re: OpenSync plugins and msynctool

Post by ignition » Tue Dec 16, 2008 14:33

I have more or less the same problem. With Spritz I installed libopensync, msynctool, opensync-plugin-kdepim, opensync-plugin-file and libsyncml (all version 0.36). For integration with Kontact I apparently need opensync-plugin-syncml, but I can not find it in Spritz. I found some files with emerge and on the opensync-website, but at the moment I couldn't emerge nor compile it.
What I want is my Nokia E90 to sync with Kontact. What I did is I used Spritz as packagemanager to install (almost) all the necessary programs. Maybe someone has already found a workaround for this. Or I really need opensync-plugin-syncml-0.36 and somebody knows how to do that. Any help on this subject is appreciated.


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