KVM&libvirt with spice missing client part : Solution

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KVM&libvirt with spice missing client part : Solution

Post by imaginasys » Wed Jan 08, 2014 22:51


I have installed KVM with libvirt on my machine. I was always having issues with spice. All spice packages where installed : app-emulation/spice , app-emulation/spice-protocol, app-emulation/spice-vdagent. But app-emulation/spice is supposed to be a spice server AND CLIENT... But the client is not in the package. it must have been forgotten.

So I was alway getting error when trying to access KVM machines with spice from virt-manager. It always was giving an error that said "No module named SpiceClientGtk found" and the machine would start but with no possibility to connect to it.

I found the following package on gentoo portage : net-misc/spice-gtk
It contained the missing gtk part of the spice client and it is not in
entropy... equo search spice-gtk would return nothing.

So I first tried : # emerge -pv net-misc/spice-gtk

It showed 2 missing dependencies : dev-python/pyparsing and dev-perl/Text-CSV

I installed the dependencies with entropy : # equo install dev-python/pyparsing and dev-perl/Text-CSV

Then I did the emerge of the missing package : # emerge -av net-misc/spice-gtk

And bingo! I can now use spice perfectly from libvirtd and it installed the gtk client too : spicy .

So I wanted to share for others. (NB: I have installed gcc and portage stuff to be able to compile gentoo ebuild.)

And is the app-emulation/spice missing the client part or am I wrong ???

Would someone add the missing parts if it is the case please ?

Bernard :mrgreen:

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