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Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 20:50
by NYHardcore
Hi there :),

OK first i wanna say that I'm fairly new to Sabayon and Linux in general so please bare with me :).So i switched a lot of distros recently and Sabayon really caught my eye with it's elegance and wonderful IMHO package-management system.Although i really like Sabayon and want to stick with it(i tried *Buntu,Debian,openSUSE etc and didn't like them) I seem to have a performance issue.OK first i want to say that my: Cpu is Intel pentuim4 2.4ghz , video card is Ati Radeon 9600, I have 768mb of RAM and my Sabayon system with all its partitions, except the swap partition (witch is 1536mb ), has 80GB of hard disk space available(actually 70 or 65 with the actual system and extras installed) and i also have a 30gb Windows XP partition witch i hope to erase as soon as i get more used to Linux and Sabayon in particular.

OK so far so good but apparently although I find my computer to be somewhat OK in terms of hardware, and since i had (almost)no performance issues on previous distributions I think the problem is fixable.
Alright to the point: I find my Sabayon to be somewhat slow and sluggish in some cases and i believe it is due to the fact that there are a lot of background daemons(?) and apps running by default witch i don't really need.So is there a way to speed-up my system by probably removing some of those applications and stuff or perhaps another way?

Again i want to say that i really like Sabayon and want to continue to use it, only this problem is bugging me a lot :). Thank you in advance and I will really appreciate any advises or answers related to the issue.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 23:30
by ron_o
I don't know why you'd have performance issues with your system. It doesn't look bad for me, but if you're running too much at once that can be a problem on any system.

I'd suggest the sabayon mini 3.3 (there is no 3.4 out yet at this moment). It's not the best of the SL distro's but it'll do, since you seem to think your system is too slow. I'd stick with installing only fluxbox at first and minimilist everything else. After that you can install just about everything in XFce with two emerges. My path and advice follows:

Code: Select all

emerge -av xfce-base/xfce4  xfce-base/xfce4-extras
XFce is much easier to use than fluxbox. You'll have a very minimilistic system w/ little overhead. You'll have to add a great deal.

Here's my list so far:
terminal (had to upgrade pygtk to get it going), opera, mplayer, xfce stuff (xfce-base/xfce4 xfce-base/xfce4-extras) , gparted, man page stuff (djbdns-man opengl-manpages daemontools-man man portage-manpages) tkdvd bashburn (because they are smaller than k3b) autounmask ntp xchat irssi && nano bash portage (to update to the latest) portato (for visual of installed apps) man-pages wipe htop geany nettop fcron (over other crons) udept streamtuner streamtuner-xiph streamtuner-live365 streamtuner-local mozilla-firefox-bin netscape-flash slocate conky
What you don't know about you're better off waiting until you know for sure what you want and need.

Remember, the more applets you run in any panel the harder it is on your system. You can use conky for a lightweight system monitor. And skip compiz-fusion 3D, unless that is why your system is so slow and you don't care for SL w/o it. :) In that case skip my advice and use the DVD.

Oh yea, make sure you understand portage. In /etc/make.conf is the heart of your system. The USE flags are way too many for any system, let alone for a system that's rough around the edges, and *might* cause some minor (or major -0- maybe not) issues on your system. You'll get to know it soon enough.

There is no *perfect* Operating System. For ease of use, Ubuntu version, PClinuxOS, MEPIS or Mint (the last I just heard about) might be a better choice. The great part about Gentoo/SL is that it can be any kind of system you'd like it to be (metadistribution) once you know how to work it. Ubuntu's advantage it that it's so popular. The others are in between.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 23:49
by NYHardcore
Thanks for the reply!

I will try to stick with KDE and to learn more about portage and the USE flags you mentioned, to be able to probably tune the system for my hardware and thus increase the speed!

BTW I have tried the OS-es that you mentioned and don't like them as much as Sabayon even if they are somewhat more user-friendly.

Just to add something: compiz-fusion doesn't make my system a lot slower than it is without it so it's not the problem.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 0:00
by dukdukgoos
Can you describe the performance issues further? Hard to suggest solutions when we don't have details. Your system should be capable of running the full Sab DVD install with KDE with no problems, so there must be something else going on that's causing your performance issues.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:29
by NYHardcore
Well for example when I move windows around the content sort of blurrs out to the point that you actually cant see anything but leftovers of the window's borders all over the screen(e.g. when I move a minimized Konsole window around over a page on Firefox) or sometimes programs load slow and/or are kind of laggy(e.g. Google Picasa,Google earth etc)

Also when scrolling a page down or up in Firefox the images are first shown as white and then generated which also causes some lag.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 17:27
by oliver
can you run 'top' in a terminal window and see whats eating up your CPU when this happens?

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 21:16
by WarraWarra
Pop in the live cd /dvd you have and during boot it would ask for aiglx / glx / no glx = select no glx and then see if it is any better.
Nvidia + aiglx is not happy on my lappy and the fix is likely in the compiz update post / guide in 3d desktop part of the forum. I did not yet have time to try / fix this in mine yet.

If this is it then at least you know what is causing the slowdown and can get a fix for it. If not check video drivers , run "glxgears" as root and see how it goes.
SDL and opengl might need to be added to /etc/make.conf USE=" " part in 3.4e and then install SDL and opengl. This might fix it as well.

Could even be the power plug icon next to time and setting this to performance should improve live as well.

Hope this helps but check out the 3d desktop part of the forum for a possible fix.

Re: Performance,Sabayon 3.4e, x86

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 22:28
by dukdukgoos
I would suggest turning off Compiz and see if that helps. Sounds like the problems are graphics related.