how do i do a little thing called "dual boot" with two HDD

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Re: how do i do a little thing called "dual boot" with two HDD

Post by boe_dye » Sat Sep 01, 2007 22:42

This will close this topic as, I now have everything starting to go the way I want it too!

To eden, I finally managed to edit the grub.conf file. What was happeneing was that I could not edit the file on the Super User account, (figured that out), so i had no choice but to log in as root. However whenever I logged in as root, there was always some issue with the desktop environments. So i finally figured out that at least on the KDE side, the issue had to do with emerald, so I disabled it, and suddenly I could move my windows around.


So now that I can finally log onto root, I was able to change the boot order!


and I was able to change the login time to something more realistic then 6 seconds (now I can walk away for a second or so to do something else!)

So all is well....

for now!!!!!

Thank all of you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. I am sure you can tell by my excessive use of exclamation points!!!

So thanks, again, and again. And now know where to come for all my sabayon needs!

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Re: how do i do a little thing called "dual boot" with two HDD

Post by Eden » Sat Sep 01, 2007 23:10

boe_dye wrote:don't hate me for this...

but use "su"?

Just to make sure that is my regular login name and password correct?

nothing like login name "super user" or "su" and then "password" right?

Like i said above, i love to ask lottsa questions :compress:
you log in as a normal user, open a console and type 'su' (without ' ) press enter and enter yout root password
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