How stable is your system?

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How stable is your system?

Post by brodders » Sun Aug 05, 2007 22:25


I really have to get to the bottom of why my rig is unstable.

PLEASE - reply to confirm that your Sabayon is rock-solid. Is it?

** Mine is not - how stable is yours?

This machine can be perfect for 8 hours then crash 3 times in 20 mins. Most crashes are freezes, some are a spontaneous reboot.

:( tried checking memory, changing network cable, network card, running a script to force a sync every 15 seconds, moving from PS2 mouse to a USB, adding cooling.

Soon up is try a different distro (to confirm it is the hardware) followed by buying a new rig (and this one is 6 months old).

Sabayon on here is lovely - the best distro I have ever used. IF THE RIG STAYED UP. I really think it's the hardware.

Patterns re crashes:

- none that I can see. Last was a spontaneous reboot on clicking a Firefox button.

Rig is:

Abit KN9 mb with latest BIOS, AMD 64 x2 3800+ dual core cpu

SATA HDD (samsung 250g + 8M buffer)
nVidea 7300 video card into a Yusmart 1400x900 TFT screen (beautiful)
2g ram (tested over night x3)
2 monster fans + a chipset cooler
expensive PSU
all runs cool except the chipset which is like a coffee cup (that is why I gave it an extra fan)

No sense of time of day for a crash, it will do so in early morning (18 degrees C) or late hot evening (29 degrees).

OS is Sab 3.4a 32bit version (the 64 was also crashy)


(looking at Sidux as an alternative to prove the OS is not causing crashes)

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Post by wolfden » Sun Aug 05, 2007 22:37

my systems are rock solid, but than I redo the config files and recompile the system to my hardware, the default configs are very general and you end up supporting hardware you don't even have.

Every install I reconfig and recompile - system is rock solid and very fast responses to any thing I throw at it.

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Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sun Aug 05, 2007 22:54

I've used SL 3.26, 3.3 and 3.4 Loop 2b on my laptop (specification given in my signature) -- the latter two installed to the HDD -- and had one or two lock-ups under 3.26 and 3.3, but 3.4 Loop 2b has been rock-solid. In fact, so stable that I have not bothered to install 3.4a or 3.4e.

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Post by frogimus » Sun Aug 05, 2007 23:22

How did you test your memory? I had similar problems at one time and ran memtest from a live Debian distro to find a bad memory stick.

Only problem I seem to have is FF dropping out on me occasionally, but that is likely due to having 8-10 tabs going at once and then trying to open a site with flash or similar content. I avoid that by better housekeeping on my tabs.

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Post by brodders » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:14

Ohokay -

Install is vanilla - no recompiles (except for when I emerge).

Memory testing is via the memtest utility (mentest86 I seem to recall) which is shipped as a boot option on most Debian live distros. Think it might have been a Kanotix I ran it from.

Rig up since last post on a HOT evening. Case is closed, all fans running. Wondering still about drivers. Anything dodgy about chipset drivers for nForce 4? Perhaps it's the video card. Bad capacitor. Hamster peddling the fan.

Workload makes no difference! I can slog this - it keeps going. Click a button or move the mouse at the wrong moment - it's gone. BIOS? :(

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Post by WarraWarra » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:32

Sounds like a bad ram chip be it improperly seated = remove and insert again or the bios needs updating.
If all temps is reasonable then it should run 365 / 24 with no problems.
Also check if you have power fluctuations ie: someone switches on the tumble dryer and the light's in the room dim for a sec or 2 = brownout's / blackout's = frying power supply in pc.
Fix = opti 1200s AVR for $20 or a belkin AVR backup battery / automatic voltage regulator = nice clean stable power for the pc.
Power supply = 1 12v cable can do ? amps so 12v x 15amps = ?? +/- 200w actual watts it can do.
1 video card these days runs at 130w to 384w , hd 10w , dvd 10w cpu 65w to 130w , 250w if overclocked but this runs on the 5v cable.
Check power supply specs on it. 5v x 15amps = watts ? 75w = not enough for avg cpu.
If all of this is stable and working properly and hd is at max 55C - 60C then it should run stable.

Download "UBCD" and run the cpu stress test / stress test on it or similar for 24 hours as it will show if there is any defects in the ram / motherboard / cpu as this is not limux / Os related it only test hardware.
if all is well next check the distro / linux / windows on the pc as this is then the only place left for problems to occur .
Hopefully you checked the hd for bad sectors / fsck.ext3 /dev/sda or similar or using the UBCD to check it / fix it. You said you changed the cables so they should be okay.

Stable = most default versions / cd / dvd from SL and can run the core duo laptop cpu t2600 at -j16 and 100% 97% load per core for 7 hours = no problem. Cpu temps = 70C-85C , ram 55C max for stable no laptop mem heatsinks yet , north / south bridge 55C is stable 60C start to get issues as the 7800gtx above it does warm it up a lot , nvidia 7800gtx 80C stable / 90C stuff happens.

Hope this helps

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Post by brodders » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:51

:) pulled ram x3 over last few months and reseated. Could move them 1 slot down. Timings in BIOS all "conservative"

Just crash & burnt again, 8 mins ago. In the middle of YouTube "yes - close to the edge".

The best concert I saw in my life - now its getting personal.

Will pick up on that UBCD - getting late here. Going to sit thru 2nd half of yes and then to bed.

Thanks for tips!

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Post by phzi » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:36

After spending quite a few days customizing my desktop to the way I like it, I have a rock-solid Sabayon 3.4a system; never had any issues except for when I took my C2D E4300 to 3.4ghz and it got a bit unstable (I run it at 3.1ghz vs 1.8ghz stock clock without issue, load 100% all the time because of [email protected]).

You might want to try running Prime95 for a few hours to see if it digs up any miscalculations (either due to ram or CPU). Since you've said you had extensively tested your ram, I'd start leaning towards the processor, or a driver issue.

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Post by Raqua » Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:00

I had something like this doing my computer long time ago. Sudden crashes, on Win that time, but it was due to a weak power source in my computer. After I got stronger one, it was ok.

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Rock Solid!

Post by Wait...What? » Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:50

Rock Solid! 3.4a has not frozen up or crashed on me once yet, and I've pushed it pretty hard. I have a decent machine, don't know how to get all the spec. info to post though. 3.3 occasionally went down, 3.4 loop 2 & 3 did too.

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