This Is Why Linux Will Never Go Anywhere On The Desktop...

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This Is Why Linux Will Never Go Anywhere On The Desktop...

Post by Sabayonewbie » Mon Mar 26, 2007 9:23

Your Software Is Not Ready For Primetime, Simply Put. Servers, yes. Desktop? No way.

Let me tell you a story::

10 days ago the owner of the firm I work at purchased 3 new HP PC-boxes for his home, personal use.

I set them up for him. They have Vista, and I was so unimpressed by this 'new' OS that I d/l several Linux' Distros on Live CD and .iso Installable packets for my own use at home and on my work laptop.

We won't upgrade from XP at work, probably never. There is no business need.

That was March 17.

I thought for certain that with all the good things I had heard about the latest batch of Linux Distros, that I would be able to use one. The videos on YouTube of Beryl/XGL/Looking Glass/Kiba-Dock/Wine/VMWare/KDE/xWinwrap/ impressed me even more. Some of those videos are 2 or 3 months old, so I figured that most of the bugs were worked out in Repo's by now.

Ubuntu, Sabayon, Slax, Kubuntu, Musix, UBCD. LinuxOS ...

I had great plans to have multiple OS, port over my .doc and .xls files with VMWare or Wine, and use Windows XP very little or not at all. For a day or two the idea seemed like a lot of fun.

I figured that the amount of time lost, increased system requirements of Vista, the expense, and the horrible driver issues would be much worse than any issues I would encounter with Linux.

I was wrong.

As of this moment, I have spent most of my spare time for two consecutive weekends, as well as all of my evenings during the week between JUST TO GET AN INSTALL TO WORK AND GET XGL AND BERYL FUNCTIONING.

That is 30 hours of my time. 30 hours. Thousands of dollars worth of my time at my billing rate.

This is simply not worth it. My time is finite, and I don't have 30 hours to waste on such a non-productive endeavor. I am not on some crusade, nor an ideologue who thinks MS should disappear. I just wanted an OS that did what I saw on all those YouTube videos.

This was as frustrating and time consuming as installing and configuring Windows 3.0.

That's 17 year old technology, btw.

No wonder that all flavors of Linux have only ~ 0.42% of the desktops, or about 2 million of the 350 milllion Desktops world wide. It takes too much time to get it to work.

As far as I can see, at this point, Linux Distro's don't work and take too much time to get to work correctly.

Look, I know that Linux Flavors are mostly made BY developers FOR developers as vanity projects or as a way to stick it to Bill Gates, or as a way to have Desktop functionality in a secure package that can also be used for coding, development and software work. Fine.

But don't say these Distros are BETTER than Windows, because they aren't. They waste time, time is money, and most people aren't devoted enough to Your Cause to stick with it. They aren't even usable for Advanced Windows Users.

I hand code text files in Windows to make Registry entries, setup and maintain the office network, set initial server states. If this process was too much for someone like me, then how can you ever expect someone like my Mother to be able to use Linux?

You can't.

Frankly, I have better things to do than spend so much time maintaining my computer.

I am going back to XP.



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Post by wolfden » Mon Mar 26, 2007 9:52

:lol: :lol: :lol:

This is almost as funny as that guy that was demanding someone apologize for their friends computer not working anymore. :lol:

You expect to learn linux in 30 hours? not gonna happen, especially if you don't sit down and read the gentoo documentation, but that would be too easy. Gentoo is not a operating system for people just getting into linux. If you can't effectively search or understand all the great info out there on Gentoo than I really don't know what to tell ya. You couldn't even follow the install wizard and set up your root account password.

ATI blows, this is an issue you need to take up with ATI - I assume you are using ATI since you're using XGL.

Beryl is very very new and it's ongoing development, it's not gonna be "stable" just yet. A work desktop computer shouldn't be running beryl anyway.

I use my desktop for all my day to day tasks and even entire governments are switchin over to linux and open source to save money. My kids can even run linux.

Do you think people learn Windows in 30 hours?

This is simply another case of ignorance is bliss.

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Post by rand.a » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:04

My Mother uses linux, and doesn't know how to do windows registry entries, manage a simple office network, or setup a windows server for that matter. Those are incredibly simple tasks i was able to do in Jr. High with little experience, and by no means makes anyone an expert. An "Advanced Windows User" means nothing, I can click 'next' over and over too.

I noticed that you said you are trying to setup XGL, so I assume you have an ATi card. If you have read anything about linux desktops on the net, you would know that ATi cards are not very linux friendly, and will cause headaches for newbies like yourself. AIGLX with an nVidia card is incredibly simple to setup. I hope you understand Beryl is still beta. Any time you work with beta software, you have to expect problems of some sort. Using beta software in a business environment isn't the greatest idea. A good network admin would do research about such things before installing something he/she was unfamiliar with.

I wouldn't say linux is 'made by developers for developers' its more like 'made by users for users.' You can't say 'this is better than that,' better at what? Better security? Better stability? Better for people who don't know what they are doing? Windows is better at some things, and Linux is better at some things, both have their downsides. You can't just hop into linux and expect to know how to do everything. Like with anything that you are unexperienced in, there is a learning curve. Proper resource utilization, basic troubleshooting skills, and good ol' common sense will shorten the learning curve.

Maybe your boss will see the wasted money he paid you for those 30 hours and hire someone more competent.

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Post by krisbee » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:16

Is this person supposed to be an advanced (windows) user?

The claim that after two weekends no install would work is just unbelievable.

Try PCLINUXOS 2007, even their latest test version can be installed in minutes, is stable and Berly just works, you can get all the bling you've seen on YouTube for free.

Try Sabayon mini 3.2, it installs in minutes and even the early version of Beryl just works. Just partition your disk, click a few buttons and away you go ....

Knoppix, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Live CDs all run without major problems.

Why do we even bother to answer this kind of biased rubbish? It's best to ignore it.

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Post by wolfden » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:24

krisbee wrote:
Why do we even bother to answer this kind of biased rubbish? It's best to ignore it.
cause it's funny


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Post by ajez » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:25

instead of wasting time writing this thread, u should spend time learning more about linux world :? :lol:

like u did learning how windows works .. anyway, i think noone here will agree with your opinion, so it's useless for u to write this type of opinions.. we respect what u think about linux, but dont expect something more than "u r wrong" ..

i dunno if you work as a IT expert ... personally i dont feel to call someone knowing nothing about linux a "IT Expert" (to be clear, I'm not an expert yet, also if i work in IT) .... :roll: here we are not all IT employers, most of people using sabayon or linux are not in relationship with IT world .. they spent some time learning how linux works .. and they LIKE to change the OS on their feels .. its not always simple, but, who cares? we learn, we speak with other users, we can help other newbies .. its not only a question of simplicity, there's also a COMMUNITY.. look in the irc channel how many people is connected every day.. ah, and it's all for free...

PS: dont forget also that devs and testers "waste" their FREE TIME to let u try/use your damn 3D desktop and whatever else u need .. and they dont pretend u pay for this time .. as u said, we cant have back the time we spent ...

ByeZ .. u'r always welcome in the future, dont worry ..

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Post by rand.a » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:28

wolfden wrote:
krisbee wrote:
Why do we even bother to answer this kind of biased rubbish? It's best to ignore it.
cause it's funny

and cause its an excuse to berate an 'advanced windows user'

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Post by lxnay » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:55

I only buy Linux-known-to-work-well devices, install SL and be happy. If I find an issue, I solve that in a matter of minutes :)
That's the difference between an average windows IT techs and us... We can do a lot more than them.
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Post by KStorm » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:22

Beryl/Compiz is still considered experimental software and therefore not suited for a production environment. I take it you didn't do the research beforehand.

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Post by Kame » Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:02

Take a look at this:

Btw, I prefer to solve issues by myself rather than have a tool to solve each Windows Fault/Bug...

The funniest moment in my life was when I had to install an antivirus on my XpSp2 Virtual Machine... :x
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