Front media bottons on a Dell laptop

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Front media bottons on a Dell laptop

Post by Sir_Sid » Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:11

Is it possible to make the media buttons on the front of a dell laptop work in sabayon?

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Post by Appleman1234 » Sun Mar 25, 2007 6:06

Yes just google dell modelnumber linux and click on the howto links google gives and look under acpi or multimedia keys section.

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Post by thespongeoflove » Tue Mar 27, 2007 22:31

You can emerge the program keytouch. It will install very easily, and allow you to use the volume controls in globally. It will allow you to use play/pause, previous, skip, and stop in XMMS by default. If you want to control more applications then you will need to learn about writing scripts for xbindkeys.

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