My $150 upgrade

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Growing Hen
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My $150 upgrade

Post by frogimus » Mon Feb 26, 2007 22:15

Well, my son's PC got bit by dustmites. I warned his mother to clean it frequesntly or send it to me to do so, but...

So I'm gonna use the guts from mine and get a 64 mobo. Here's what I bought for mine. I'll keep everyone updated as to how well Sabayon works on this system :) BTW, it has an onboard GeForce ;)

Biostar NF61S Micro 754R Mobo with AAMD/A64 3200+ 2.2G 754 512KFSB $99.00 combo price ... 6813138053 ... 6819103035

512M PQI D400 Memory $34.99 ... 6820141164

Coolmaster 80mm AMD fan/HS combo $4.99 ... 6835103166

I already had a 512M D400 laying around...

I'll update and let you know how this performs

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Post by EmpJohnIV » Mon Feb 26, 2007 22:51

Sounds like a nice system.

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