I am very interested

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Young Hen
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I am very interested

Post by zaxor » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:00

I just read a article a few days ago on this distro. From the looks of it, I am very interested! I had gentoo on my desktop, but it was a tad confusing for the setup and maintaining for me. I did not know how to work emerge correctly :oops: . But this looks great! The color theme is brilliant, to whomever created it. I really like gentoo's style, you could say. I currently use ubuntu, and I dabbled with slackware. But I do want to move from ubuntu to something a little more advanced. Is this the right distro for me? I am currently downloading cia torrent the mini versions of x86 and x86_64, one for my laptop and one for my desktop. Also, is that logo a chicken's foot?

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Post by emerge » Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:00

Change from ubuntu to sabayon ? I changed a year ago from ubuntu to gentoo and installed sabayon about a month ago. My reasons were that i did not succeed in installing a couple of apps i wanted because of dependency conflicts. (it did not work in other distros such as Suse, FC, ... either). I read that gentoo was somewhat special and more dedicated too advanced linuxers. I tried it to experience this. So as noob with the help of excellent documentation and the forums i got gentoo installed missing apps included. You do not need to be an IT-specialist or so in order to learn a gentoo-based system. Sabayon allows you to use a gentoo based system immediately (40 min install time) . The sabayon/gentoo documentation is excellent.

However others can feedback on their experience but I cannot advise to change only based on comments of others.
Please install sabayon in dual boot and get the feeling for a couple of months. Then you will be able to compare with ubuntu or any other distro.

The logo is a chickens footprint.

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Post by Sir_Sid » Sun Feb 11, 2007 20:22

I am a complete linux noob. Iv messed with ubuntu and gotten a few stuff to work in it. I wouldnt call my self "good" at using linux after that though. I saw an article on digg about sabayon the other day and I installed it. It has so many of apps I need already installed on it and configured. Its very easy to setup and start using. If you have used ubuntu before, this wont be tough at all. Also my NTFS drives from windows already show up so I dont have to do anything wierd to set those up. Its very simple, and I must say even easier to use than ubuntu is.

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