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Re: Post LiveUSB problems here.

Postby random guy » Sat Sep 01, 2007 23:41

i used to use live usb with sabayon 3.3. today i htought i would make it 3.4 but i get errors.

it says if cant mount some fodlers and cant find some files (most are in /dev etc). it happens after it begins to unpack the image. in the end it kernel panics.

i have been using this drive (160gb ext hard drive) for usb booting for a while. i had updated it before simply by copying the contents of /boot and /isolinux to my fat partition and putting geebox and the squash files in the ext3 partition.

anyone have a clue? thanks.

EDIT: did the old how to disapear? is there no how to section now? i was gone for the summer and apparently there have been major changes.
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