How to create a custom iso of sabayon ?

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How to create a custom iso of sabayon ?

Post by noithatgooccho » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:33

Hi to all, as title I would like to create a custom iso of sabayon from spinbase for my machine. How I do ?
Thanks in advance !

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Re: How to create a custom iso of sabayon ?

Post by welele » Wed Nov 25, 2020 16:29


Until recently, sabayon rely on "molecule" to build iso. But this tool is no more maintained, no more in entropy repository and may not be totaly compatible with python3.7.
A lot of work is on underground, and a new mecanism to build iso is used, based on the news package manager "luet".
I'm trying to write some howto but finding time is difficult at the moment.

Basically, making a custom iso can be achieved right now by the two following step
- Making a custom luet repository : right now, luet repo contain mainly meta-package. Those package are layers built with entropy package and are the different flavors of sabayon (kde/mate/gnome...). At the moment, if you want a custom iso, you need an alternative layer-package. (eventually luet will become a true package manager and this step may become obsolete. Sabayon dev work hard on this point at the moment)
Sabayon meta-package are described in

- Making a custom description for the iso : Mainly a list of package you want to install in the iso. Have a look at You can find here description files for building sabayon dailly iso. You can copy and adapt one, by changing the "rootfs:" field of the yaml file. And by adding the repo from the step above.

I'm highly aware that i didn't give you enough detail, but if you are interested, i can help you further.

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