Python 2 exorcism

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Re: Python 2 exorcism

Post by joost » Wed Jul 01, 2020 19:20

This is going off-topic...
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Re: Python 2 exorcism

Post by msdobrescu » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:08

Sorry for that. Back on topic, as FSLint is out, I've tried dupeguru and I find it nice, although it is a bit counter-intuitive regarding the created groups, or my Breeze Dark theme does not highlights the similar file groups that well. Anyway, it works fine.
I have downloaded the latest stable version of the sources and run 'make' and 'make run' and it simply worked, seemingly it does not miss any dependency. It's a good addition to the distro. I have liked FSLint better at presentation UI, but it also poorer in features by comparison to dupeguru.

How's the migration? Why not moving to pythoin 3.7, as Gentoo did? Is it still questionable concerning the stability, or is it the volume of work?

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