Sabayon 19.3 review on Distrowatch

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Sabayon 19.3 review on Distrowatch

Post by svantoviit » Sun May 26, 2019 11:03

Sabayon 19.3 has been review on Distrowatch lately: Review: Sabayon 19.03.
Robert Rijkhoff wrote:Sabayon's claim that it is a "beginner-friendly" distro that is "bleeding edge" and "stable and reliable" is a bit of a stretch. I doubt "beginners" will comprehend the instructions for what to do after installing Sabayon - and that is assuming inexperienced users will find the information in the first place. Similarly, the systemd and GNOME versions are rather old for a distro that claims to be "bleeding edge". That said, I did find Sabayon's GNOME edition to be stable and reliable, bar a few minor issues (such as the notification about the VirtualBox kernel service not running).
I think he makes some valid points.

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