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Sabayon Never been good for me since 15.3

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 15:33
by FatRakoon
I have posted this question a number of times, and to various other forums, but NEVER had a solid way to solve it.

I have used Sabayon since v3.5 but when I got to v15 my Linux PC failed... It came back with 15.3 but then lost it again after that!

I currently have 4 systems running Linux, and NONE of them will run Sabayon properly, no matter what I do.

Now, I gave up bothering with Sabayon and for some time I have been running Kubuntu, MiNT, and Peppermint, and the desktop I have preferred is Cinnamon. I did like MATE, however the menus have been failing recently, so Cinnamon is it.

Now, I have set aside my old Linux PC in order to try to get Sabayon onto it, and I am going to keep on trying, or I did say that last night, but after an entire night of failure, Im not so sure.

But the Setup is :-

Gigabyte GA-F2A85XN-WIFI
AMD A10-6800K
ATI 6670
2x4GB Mushkin
240GB SSD = / and an 8GB Swap
2TB HD = /home

I am currently trying 18.05 MATE. I did try KDE and also FLUXBOX, however, Fluxbox does not seem to (a) Let me install to HD, and (b) let me install anything other than what its got and (c) use it as a live only distro?

So, its MATE for now.

Already, its installed just fine ( as it alwyas seems to do ) but on first startup after the install, the MATE Menu crashed. UBUNTU MATE also does this, and thats why I install Cinnamon ASAP with it.

I am trying to do some updates, but again it keeps crashing.

Two dialog boxes come up whenever I restart the machine.

The panel encountered a problem while loading

First Dialog box says "indicatorappletCompleteFactory::IndicatorAppletComplete".
Second one says "BriskMenuFactory::BriskMenu".

Then it asks if I want to Delete the applet from the configuration, where I get 2 options, DONT and DELETE

Makes no difference as to which one I chose, because the errors always come up when it restarts.

I am also now trying to update the system, and it has stopped at application install 201/672 ( Thats probably says nothing helpful ), however, it does say that the Source package Manager is too old, please update it.

The actual package is - Oh hang on... COPY and PASTE would help..

(201/672) ++ Application Install
╠ ## Unpacking: media-libs:harfbuzz-2.0.2.bd05be07c8bc610ac34b6fdefc49a9831a2bc5c7~0.tbz2
╠ ## Package phase: setup
☢ ## Source Package Manager is too old, please update it: UnsupportedAPIException()
☢ ## An error occurred. Action aborted.

Now, this is where it keeps failing, and the annoying issue here, is that when I try to redo it, it reloads all the other 200 other packages all over again.

I seem to be in a permanent cycle now, and I just cannot get it to actually update, or stop crashing.

But its been like this for a few years now.

I am also a plonker, who has loads of PCs, and right now, I also have

AsRock H77M-ITX / I5-2500K / ATI 380
Gigabyte Z170N-Wifi / I5-6600K / nVidia 660Ti
SabreTooth 990 / AMD 9590 / ATI540

And these are spares, already running Linux perfectly, but all fail to run Sabayon.

If anyone has Sabayon on any of these, then I would love to know how, or just how the hell is it, that I have failed so badly at installing Sabayon since v15 ?

Anything that might help will do, and if you need me to do anything then cool. Just let me know?

Re: Sabayon Never been good for me since 15.3

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 14:47
by troydm
Actually I've had similar problems with install image from main page.
But daily build images work fine for me ... daily.html

So just grub any daily build, install and then update all packages, works fine for me

Re: Sabayon Never been good for me since 15.3

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 20:54
by Stupot
When performing the update, try to just update entropy first, then run the full upgrade?

# equo i equo

Maybe that will allow the the rest of the upgrades to go through.

Re: Sabayon Never been good for me since 15.3

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:55
by FatRakoon
Ok thanks guys.

Certainly getting over that main hurdle has helped.

Right, the AMD A10 in the Gigabyte GA-F2A85XN has ( it certainly seems ) managed to get through the updates issue.

# equo i equo has definitely helped... I think LOL

I freely admit that I am flying blind with Sabayon. This is utterly ridiculous, because I started Linux with Mandrake ( I bought and still own the full box set of Mandrake 5 - ( And Suse 5.3 ) ) and that was so easy, I decided to go Gentoo, but after my first install of Gentoo took me 4 days on an AMD K6/2 400, when I found Sabayon 3.5 it was a serious jump into the deep end, but the bloody thing has been so perfect and flawless for me, right up until v15, I have never had to delve deep into it to fix anything, and everything I wanted it to, it just did!

I then went to Debian just because Sabayon so so perfect, and then I was scared to break it, so the whoel idea of going to Gentoo to learn, has in fact limited me somewhat.. Im fine with Debian based distros and RPM too, but then thats the idea if them isnt it? Sabayon is now completely Alien to me.

Anyway, its now done, and it seem to be fully up to date, and things look like they are working for me.

Only issue I have, is that when you leave it and the screensaver comes up, it never accepts my pasword, and I have to go to change users and then just select myself again and its ok... I have got around that by not asking for the password, so tiny issue.

I have decided to throw it onto my Sabretooth 990FX & AMD 9590 as thats kind of not knowing what its doing really, and as its fully setu, connected to the KVM and everything but rarely gets used, I am throwing it onto that to see what happens.

Re: Sabayon Never been good for me since 15.3

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:09
by Stupot
@FatRakoon I actually run into the same screensaver issue (assuming you are using KDE). I've used this whenever it crops up (and it seems to crop up after ever KDE upgrade on my laptop, but doesn't hit my desktop ever)