Downloading with torrent = Failed?

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Downloading with torrent = Failed?

Post by geralde.givens » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:52

I have always used torrents to download my Linux ISOs whetever distro I try.
I have tried and completely failed to download the latest Sabayon ISO now for a few days using torrents.
I have not even had one single byte?
I have tried to add all kinds of places, but not one single byte has come.
In the end, I simlpy gave up and I have just downloaded the bloody ISOs as they are. I really only want the KDE one, but I have grabbed the Gnome one to give that a try as well.
Now, what I have done, is simply copied the full ISOs to my downloads folder, and then re-added the torrent files to the list, and after it checked the files, and was happy, I have left it to seed anyway, even though I did not get any of it through the torrents, and now, after about a day, not quite 24 hours, I had a look, and it has not uploaded one single byte?

Is there some issues with the torrents this time? I dont know?

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