Very Positive Experience With Sabayon 13.07 On UEFI Hardware

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Very Positive Experience With Sabayon 13.07 On UEFI Hardware

Post by ethelena » Wed Apr 04, 2018 15:14

Been away for quite a while.
The advent of Windows 8 + the Snowden revelations + a growing son meant that I moved to new hardware & swapping permanently to open source.

Linux has always been pretty good on my non UEFI laptops but moving to a brand new farily powerful 'gaming' oriented box is probably asking a lot.

The hardware : Gigabyte B75M-D3H (UEFI) mobo, Gigabyte nVidia GTX 660 display adaptor, Kingston 240Gb SSD, 8Gb RAM.

The Results :
Windows 7/8 installs/runs perfectly.
All versions of Linux distro trialled failed to install at all in 8 out of 10 distro's (Arch/Fedora/Ubuntu + their derivatives).
2 distro's managed to install but totally unstable.

Sabayon 13.04 -
Installed near flawlessly - At the first reboot USB mouse dead but woke up after unlug/replug & no further occurrence.
System Update near flawless - Rigo will not launch but equo works from the command line.
Discovered later that equo upgrade --ask segfaulted & left the system a little borked.
Tried a fresh install but lots of segfaults again during upgrade.
Downloaded latest daily KDE 13.07 - flawless install & purring away beautifuly.

Big BIG thanks & Kudos to the Sabayon team!
The only distro that would install on very new hardware.
Son happy :)
Daddy happy :)

Donation will be made!

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