Docker and Kernel problems

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Docker and Kernel problems

Postby DB44 » Sun May 14, 2017 11:27

I decided to give Docker a try, but on installing received errors about various kernel configuration parameters. I tried it anyway but the service would not complete startup. I decided to compile a new kernel using sabayon-sources and genkernel. I'm using both root and home encrypted btrfs filesystems via luks with a separate boot partition. The kernel, initrd etc. compile and install fine. However, a prompt for the passphrase to mount the encrypted filesystems simply hangs when the passphrase is entered. Used both luks and btrfs on the genkernel command line but evidently no luck. Given the increasing popularity of Docker and its suggested use for compiling source packages it would be good if the binary kernel packages were actually compiled to work with Docker. Alternately, could someone please provide the genkernel options used to compile the binary packages, or at least the paramaters needed to support the luks encrypted file systems.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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