Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by BAK » Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:29

Recently distrowatch did a long term comparison of rolling distributions -- Arch, Debian, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, and PC-BSD. Sabayon should have been included because of its great stability, if for nothing else.

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by jsalpha2 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 22:58

Thank You. I'm new to the way Gentoo does things and having an easier to install and use Gentoo based distro is great for me. There are lots of distros based on Arch, Debian, Redhat and Ubuntu, but you are the only one that I could get to work that is based on Gentoo. Pure Gentoo, Slackware and Arch installs are over my head, at least right now. So thanks for your hard work.

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by AmpLiF1eR » Thu Feb 05, 2015 21:21

I haven't been here FOR YEARS and this is my first post again after reactivating my account.
I was a mod on the Dutch Shed around 2008 for a very short time but didn't have enough time because of my work so I stopped. I remember Lxnay, Wolfden and Joost but others will probably popup in my head later.

When I started to use Sabayon, it had a completely orange theme with a flower (and started out-of-the-box with Beryl or compiz, with a desktop cube and fire etc.. even from the live DVD and you could choose kde, gnome etc, from the same DVD in Live mode, perfect way to show off linux to friends in that period of time...), but the most important part of preferring Sabayon was the bleeding edge out-of-the-box experience, even for Wifi on most hardware.

Because I was given an old Acer Extensa 5220 (I use an Acer 6920G as primary notebook), because the owner bought a new one and hated the 5220 to use windows 7 with it, I saw an option to check linux again (after years, no time for projects through the years) so I went to the Sabayon homepage, searched for the latest build (Gnome, I don't know anything yet about that enlightment stuff and was used to KDE in the past) and without checking compatibility, I just installed it on that old machine to see what happens.

result: installed , wifi was working out-of-the-box and the installation looked polished.

When I went to the forum here, my eyes saw the title of this thread, to be honest, I was shocked.
After all those years of dedication from the dev(s), I was hoping to see Sabayon having MUCH MUCH more recognition than it has now.

Fabio, please don't give up because of some pricks. It's your baby who has become mature, don't let your kid die.
It's too good to give up.

Thanks for a great distro which have costs you years of time and sweat for free. There are tons of people out there who do appreciate all those energy you've put in it!

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by albfneto » Fri Feb 06, 2015 21:19

is it possible[/i] to compile packages in Portage (of the Sabayon) and install with the binary installer!

it is also possible make packages for sabayon (ando for gentoo also) using Sabayon.

i published an article about this,but it is published in Portoguese Language: ... ayon-Linux

basically, using appropriate Paths, Dirs, the command:

Code: Select all

emerge -av -B  package 

ou using the command quickpkg is it possible create an Gentoo's package.... Then the command:

Code: Select all

equo pkg inflate --savedir /home/user/created_SABADIR /usr/portage/packages/category/name_of_the_package.tbz2
will convert the Gentoo formatted package into a Entropy formatted package. move it /var/lib/entropy/client/packages/packages/AMD64/5 dir

For install, execute this:

Code: Select all

equo i /var/lib/entropy/client/packages/packages/AMD64/5/name_of_the_package.tbz2 
Details are given in my article. Unfortunately, i dont have and english version,

but an related procedure was published by Sabayonino in Italian Language.
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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by talgarik » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:20

I have discovered Sabayon recently and I don't understand why it isn't a top distro, it has so many amazing features - Rigo, just to name one, it is rich but simple to use, I really hope it will not be discontinued, I have started to spread the word about this excellent OS, it is so cool, I love Sabayon!

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by Richlion » Tue Feb 10, 2015 13:19


As you will see I've been a SL user for the past 8 years. It would be a sad day if it would have to go, because it's always been the best distro in terms of graphics, built in codecs, performance and ease of use. Over the past few years the main problems were usually caused by updates and maybe there is something wrong in the concept and needs a bit of a tweak. I would place a lot of blame on Nvidia: ... peech.html

Recently I was trying to install SL on an Nvidia HP laptop and could not get it working, because of drivers being removed during the update phase. This led me to install Kubuntu which let me handle the Nvidia dirver installation very neatly. Just look at the instructions how easy it was to install the drivers: ... ntu-14-04/

I think SL team and Gentoo guys need to look at how to handle problems, because a major system update leaving the whole system unusable is not for many people acceptable no matter how much we love SL.

Overall I hope SL gets around these kind of problems, because I would not like to leave this highly dedicated team that create the best working distro so far.

I am yet to evaluate how my new Kubuntu works, there are a few areas around testing. The KDE also looks basically rubbish and always did. SL fixes the way Linuxes look like and I think that's why many of us would rather continue using it despite a few glitches that are bound to happen from time to time.

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by joost » Wed Feb 11, 2015 22:41

Sabayon is a bit more then some binary distro spinoff.
(With all respect to binary spinoffs)

I'm still here working out the packages every week. :wink:
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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by talgarik » Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:23

joost wrote:I'm still here working out the packages every week. :wink:
much appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Sabayon may be turn discontinued?

Post by nomad » Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:20

I am truly sad that Fabio felt that he is not appreciated. I have been with SL since the 3 series days and have always amazed at what Fabio and his crew does with each iteration. SL is on my main desktop, my laptop, and my back up. I have donated to their efforts in the past, not as much as I like due to other financial pressures. All I can say to Fabio ( + crew ) is to have heart. But if you feel that you are ready for other challenges, understand that you have American fans and we wish you and crew best of fortunes at whatever you want to do. Eleven yrs is impressive. No one can take that away from you guys.

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