kernel 3.16.5 - genkernel -xconfig 'save as' Fails Silently

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kernel 3.16.5 - genkernel -xconfig 'save as' Fails Silently

Post by TheOneLaw » Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:32

Having been tracking kernels 3.16.x and recompiling each time for a particularly disastrous piece of hardware,
I notice that with the latest kernel 3.16.5 that running genkernel -xconfig I can no longer save my selections
using some kind of user-specified .config file.
When hitting save (the normal, default),
the file named ".config" gets saved apparently,
but no matter what I cannot save a renamed file to anywhere on the filesystem
(running as root so permissions/polkits should be irrelevant for this matter)

previously I had no problem with earlier kernel versions, only just now does this pop up.

This is not a deal-breaker issue - it is not even enough to be a nuisance,
but it may indicate or accompany other problems in kernel recompiles
so I mention it here just in case anyone else trips over anything of this ilk.

I assume this is just some recoding slipup in the genkernel or xconfig code,
but because the default save seems to still work I will lose no further sleep over it.

cheers from the beyond the portals of limbo

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