Sabayon on x86 tablets?

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Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by betazed » Sun May 25, 2014 0:05

I'm curious if anyone has installed Sabayon on one of the many x86 tablets that are coming out now. I'm looking for a light alternative to lugging around my huge IdeaPad laptop but with more power than my Nexus 7. I saw some posts mentioning the Surface Pro, but has anyone tried one of the Lenovo tablets or the Dell Venue series? If so, what do you recommend for an interface that works well with the touch screen?

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Re: Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by TheOneLaw » Mon Jun 23, 2014 15:36

After trying (at this moment !) an Android ARM architecture, (Nexus 7, which seems quite nice)
I really wish I could get another x86 tablet with good battery life, like Surface Pro 3 maybe. (but 3 USB ports - not ONE !)

Android hardware is a complete and steaming dribbling pile of wasted time and effort.
UBUNTU Touch or whatever they call it this week or next week is an utterly hopeless mangle.

I am running Sabayon XFCE on a strange tablet I got shipped direct from the factory in China (no manual, etc) ... et_pc.html
on which absolutely everything works (wifi, GSM, sd reader, 3 usb 2.0 ports - everything works no need NDIS or shims)
but the battery is a horrible 3.5 hours max. The screen is a bit cramped, I loathe capacitive screens as well.

You must replace SLIM or lightdm with METACITY (google for how people do that)
so the touchscreen works properly - and implement your onscreen keyboard in a sane manner.
And be sure to crank up the ram to 2gb, or it slurs quite a bit.
And don't bother trying KDE or GNOME - they use entirely too much resources (LXDE might work).
Enlightenment works well (E17) but I was prepping this for linux-phobic colleagues.
I have caveats for trying anything on LENOVO given they have had weird drivers on stuff in tpasthe

But !

Aside from the battery
this piece of junk is ORDERS - OF - MAGNITUDE - BETTER than _ANY_ android crippleware
and leaves UBUNTU TOUCH wishing it were a real OS.
(UT will never be a real Operating System, given the way that team keeps discarding goalposts)

[ P.S. - it is running 64bit
I have fotos but nowhere to post them so they remain in posterity]

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Re: Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by TheOneLaw » Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:50




not that hard if I have a moment.


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Re: Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:20

Very interesting. I wonder how well LXQt would perform on one of those?

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Re: Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by TheOneLaw » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:10

I will try the LXQt when I get a chance.

I am moving on (the tablet I showed works well for its assignment,
so I am not interested in "fixing something that ain't broken".

But, I will try with my shiny new Acer Iconia W4-821 which appears to be a real scream, technically.
I just had XFCE-32bit (x86) booting on it but I need to sort out the display ( XORG fails on this unit).
[ ...umm, I need to find a quick and dirty way of plugging MIDNIGHT COMMANDER into the distro
so when I end up at console I can streamline my hacking... -anyone have suggestions on how best to do that ?]

For those who want to know, the ACER iconia w4 has EFI only,
no MBR booting seems possible in any way or fashion.
----and the EFI is 32bit, although the cpu is 64bit. not sure yet if the highways are 32bit as well,
but have already noted some drivers may not be 64-bit friendly, yet.

seems to have been here before and we solved it in two different directions,
but I see his method is a lot more correct. I just plagiarized the REFIND bootia32.EFI
and set up a menuentry in grub.cfg to launch the Sabayon XFCE 32bit.
This is the tip of the 32bit iceberg, but maybe we can dodge it,
I will know soon enough.

A few resources that are relevant: ... book-t100/

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Re: Sabayon on x86 tablets?

Post by TheOneLaw » Mon Jul 14, 2014 17:08

Maybe I should start a new thread for BayTrail, which is not exactly x86: :roll:

Found this on the Arch sites: ... _Bay_Trail

Intel Atom SoC Bay Trail

Intel Atom SoC Bay Trail processors actually support 64-bit, but these tablets ship with only Windows 8/8.1 32-bit (not 64-bit) because of a feature called Connected Standby (also called InstantGo) which is mandated by Microsoft to be enabled, but currently supported only by Windows 8/8.1 32-bit version (not 64-bit, as of October 2013). Connected Standby requirements (by Microsoft) include tablets to support only UEFI boot (hence no BIOS CSM) and UEFI bitness to match the OS bitness (hence 32-bit UEFI for sake of Win 8/8.1 32-bit). With only 32-bit UEFI and lack of BIOS compatibility, even Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit (no UEFI support) and 64-bit (cannot boot in 32-bit UEFI) cannot be installed in these systems. These systems are truly locked to Windows 8/8.1 32-bit (UEFI mode).

In these systems it should (theoretically) be possible to install 64-bit Linux provided the kernel is instructed to not access EFI runtime code using the noefi kernel parameter, due to the kernel/UEFI bitness mismatch. Unlike Clover Trail, Intel has stated that Bay Trail will support Android (which is based on Linux), and its graphics is based on Intel HD graphics (not PowerVR). Therefore, Bay Trail systems may work better with Linux compared to Clover Trail.

So I guess there is hope we can still run 64bit on Bay trail,
but at the moment I am still wading through the install.

After bootup, the W4 touch screen works ok :o
and 3g seems to register ok,
but not enough time today to get any further.

Still to check is wifi, gps and find out how to read the battery
amongst everything else on my plate with this thing.

But the screen is sweet :mrgreen: - 800x1280 (RandR should fix that)

pix later. cheers

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