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General Public License

Post by Jigglypuff » Fri Apr 18, 2014 21:54

Hi guys, the reason I post here is because I couldn't find any GPL on the Sabayon Webpage (, I am currently running a project where I will replace Windows XP operating systems for godsake, and I will install in replacement Sabayon Linux, however, I assume I need legal stuff and permission avail from the developer of this distribution, I couldn' find any place but here, if there is a better place to contact the developer, please tell me, I need the GPL license (I think is that one), as i said before, and oh I have some bugs to report

On the latest downloads page ( there is a link titled "Sabayon Monthly Images Download Page" that is broken, it redirects to a error 404 page (

Also, in Sabayon 14.01 (any flavor) there is an LibreOffice Pack that makes my life easier but in 14.03 and 14.05 versions there aren't any LibreOffice programs by default... Why is that?

And last but not least, I had problems with my Dell Laptop when closing the lid and it would enter Screen Off / Sleep / Hibernate. The problem is that when I resumed the laptop the screen didn't wake up, tried everything, and had to switch to Manjaro Linux due to this problem.

If I committed any mistakes posting here please tell me, I am new in the forums and I am just asking for some support here.

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Re: General Public License

Post by batvink » Sun Apr 20, 2014 13:23

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