screwed up equo.db

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screwed up equo.db

Postby gstrock » Sat Mar 29, 2014 22:21

I was updating recently and ended up with a corrupted equo.db.
I tried everything I could think of including moving the corrupted
file aside and running equo rescue regenerate . I let it run
for half an hour then killed it, since it seemed to be hung. Tried
it a few more times, with no luck.

Then I got the bright idea to copy equo.db from Sabayon 14.01
and tried to do an equo update. That caused a Seg Fault.

So now I don't know what the ef to do.

The machine is still up and running.
Baby Hen
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[Solved] Re: screwed up equo.db

Postby gstrock » Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:25

I just kept dicking around with
equo (update | upgrade | rescue )
until I finally got it to upgrade without
the Seg Fault.

I had some real work to do, so I held
off on rebooting, because I wasn't sure
it was going to come up.

I have my desktop computer sitting on
a shelf, 6 inches off the floor. I had
pulled it forward so I could get to the
ports on the back.

My cat jumped up on the computer and
it fell off the shelf, right on its face.
It rebooted on its own, I thought oh sh*t
and watched the screen.

It came up successfully. Ha ha.

Because the equo.db doesn't match my
system, even though I can run applications,
equo thinks some of them aren't installed.

I'm fixing that little by little as I move along.
Baby Hen
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