zfs & spl kmod sources

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zfs & spl kmod sources

Post by RJVB » Fri Jan 24, 2014 18:38


For a variety of reasons I'm trying to build the spl and zfs kernel modules that I have on my (3.12.6) Sabayon set-up on a Debian based system that is intended to run the same, Sabayon 3.12.6 kernel.

I've found the patches for building for the 3.12.6 kernel (spl-0.6.2-p1.tar.xz) and indeed I have managed to build the spl kernel module after applying them (and adapting the ZOL dkms.conf).
However, the zfs patches (zfs-kmod-0.6.2-p2.tar.xz) seem to be incomplete: they do not modify the arc.c code so that it works with the new shrinker API.

How can I obtain the sources required to build a zfs kmod for the 3.12.6 kernel?

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