duplicate mount icons after systemd changes [Solved]

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duplicate mount icons after systemd changes [Solved]

Post by shade304 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:14

After systemd I could not mount nfs shares, so after searching I had to do the following:

su -
systemctl start rpc-statd.service
systemctl start rpc-mountd.service
systemctl enable rpc-statd.service
systemctl enable rpc-mountd.service

I also had to add "noauto,x-systemd.automount" for each line in the /etc/fstab, like this, to keep gnome from freezing when logging in:

myhost:/export/Qcad /media/Qcad nfs rw,soft,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0

I'm very happy to have a usable system, but a minor problem the icons are duplicated on my desktop and in the nautilus file manager, they appear once under "Devices" and once under "Network" . After searching more, a possible solution is to move them from /media/ to /mnt/ this does remove the icons and listings under "Devices" and "Network" but after being used to having the icons both on the Desktop and on "File Save As" it feels a bit clumsy navigating from /..

I did search and find a possible solution using "Bookmarks" which are between "Devices" and "Network" so this is half the answer, it fixes the "File Save As" but doesn't help the Desktop part.

su -
echo "file:///mnt/Virtual%20Machine Virtual Machine">>/home/myuser/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks
echo "file:///mnt/Virtual%20Machine Virtual Machine">>/etc/skel/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks

And of course I could drag Links to the desktop, but I think the black arrow in the bottom right corner is ugly, the network special icon looks much better. I've searched for some kind of way to limit to loading one way or the other, but I can't find a setting. I wish I could understand the mechanism responsible for creating the icons, and I think fixing this problem would be easy

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