kernel-switcher try to 'put' the driver on a older kernel.

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kernel-switcher try to 'put' the driver on a older kernel.

Postby albfneto » Fri Nov 29, 2013 21:07

Im my comp with an ATI Board and proprietary ati-drivers (I need for use ATI GPU in the University lab).

When i tried kernel-switcher for install the new 3.12 kernel (prior i used the 3.11, that loosed 3D accel), it will try to install the kernel 3.12.1, but with the driver in the old kernel 3.9

For this reason, i installed both with the classic command:

Code: Select all
sudo equo i linux-sabayon-3.12.1 x11-drivers/ati-drivers-13.9#3.12.0-sabayon ati-userspace

this worked:

Code: Select all
@@ Pacote: sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.12.1 branch: 5, []
>>         Disponível:   versão: 3.12.1 ~ tag: NoTag ~ revisão: 1
>>         Instalado:    versão: 3.12.1 ~ tag: NoTag ~ revisão: 1
>>         Slot:         3.12
>>         Homepage:
>>         Descrição:    Official Sabayon Linux Standard
>>                       kernel image
>>         Licença:      GPL-2 freedist
Pacote: x11-drivers/ati-drivers-13.9#3.12.0-sabayon branch: 5, []
>>         Disponível:   versão: 13.9 ~ tag: 3.12.0-sabayon ~ revisão: 1
>>         Instalado:    versão: 13.9 ~ tag: 3.12.0-sabayon ~ revisão: 1
>>         Slot:         1,3.12.0-sabayon
>>         Homepage:
>>         Descrição:    Ati precompiled drivers for Radeon
>>                       Evergreen (HD5000 Series) and
>>                       newer chipsets
>>         Licença:      AMD GPL-2 QPL-1.0

but not using kernel-switcher. I cannot more run kernel-switcher, since it tries downgrade of the drivers, or better, install the driver onto an old kernel.
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