Wiki accounts - editors not welcome?

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Wiki accounts - editors not welcome?

Post by life-on-mars » Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:04

It's not the first time that I realised that the contents of the Sabayon Wiki are terribly outdated. As a matter of fact, the lack of reliable information in the wiki was one of the reasons why I waited a long time before I finally installed Sabayon on my main computer.

Now, yesterday had an issue during system installation and eventually found a solution. The first thing I thought of after writing about it on the forum was that it should be something that belongs into the wiki. But when I clicked on "create account", I lost that ambition very quickly. The account creation page asked me for "relevant credentials" and telephone numbers for "identify confirmation" (I assume that's "identity"), and it asked me to agree to TOS that were just an empty page. I did what I usually do in such a case: I simply closed the page.

I understand that a wiki should be protected from spam, but this IMO a bit extreme. I don't know if the identity of wiki editors is actually confirmed and certain credentials are really necessary (after all, I didn't request an account), but if that really is so, it would certainly explain why a large portion of the wiki is outdated.
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