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Upgrade your x86 kernel to ia_x86_64

Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 20:44
by sqlpython
Well.... this is possible and being thrown out for discussion.. (requires cross compiling)
Yeah, I know.. Sacrilege :twisted:

I have some Sabayon x86 installs that have had much added to the install. So, I do not have the ambition to reinstall as a x86_64 and spend weeks reinstalling all my Tweaks, Dev software and other supporting apps.
I typically end up with a 12gb /home dir and a 30GB plus install.

Based on the above it was with some interest that I looked into the possibility of Upgrading to the x86_64 kernel and then running my existing 32bit apps. Then moving forward add 64bit apps. What I was not sure of was how this would effect the packages management system..

Read this..
And please post your Dos, Don'ts and Avoids at all costs advice..
I am just thinking about this possibility and not all that seriously as i am not sure of the results.