Could someone reccomend Sabayon based web hosting?

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Could someone reccomend Sabayon based web hosting?

Post by ElectricWarrior » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:35

I am considering re-launching a website I used to have (for my band that went defunct), and I would very much like to support a Sabayon based web hosting service if there is a reputable one out there. I tried searching and didn't have a lot of luck, and would really rather support my distro of choice than give money to a RedHat based server web hosting service. I'm not concerned about what country they are based out of, so long as I can pay them via credit card from the U.S. Thanks!

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Re: Could someone reccomend Sabayon based web hosting?

Post by DanAlucard » Wed Apr 17, 2013 18:34

I'm not aware of any Sabayon-based servers, but there is plenty of Gentoo based ones (you'll also help Sabayon that way, because it's based on Gentoo).

On , right side, are some ads from hostings that use Gentoo :D
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Re: Could someone reccomend Sabayon based web hosting?

Post by anomaly65 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 17:24

and one can always "upgrade" gentoo into sabayon easily by emerging entropy and friends. Works like a charm. Have a couple servers out there which I did just that. (After 8 years in colo, compiling on a dual pIII 800Mhz is rather slow!).
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