Fav Distro, Spring '13

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Re: Fav Distro, Spring '13

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Mar 18, 2013 14:49

Gentoo and SL are my distributions of choice, so I had already voted in the tuxmachines.org poll. Actually, it's good that you highlight the existence of the poll, as SL deserves a wider audience. Although a few people have a rough ride with SL, for many it works very well out of the box.

I'm typing this on an old Acer Aspire 5536 laptop on which I installed SL 11 amd64 Xfce a few weeks ago and it works brilliantly (installing SL from the SL 10 Xfce LiveDVD I used a few weeks before was troublesome, but installing SL from the SL 11 Xfce LiveDVD was no trouble at all). The laptop originally came with Windows Vista which was dog-slow, and the laptop often shut down due to overheating (the case design is poor, basically). It was given to someone who then tried to install Windows XP, but the laptop always shut down due to overheating before installation could complete. So he then tried to install Ubuntu on it, but the same thing happened. I installed SL amd64 Xfce without the laptop overheating and it has worked fine ever since. It does run hot (typically between 60 and 70 degrees in a cool room), but in the last couple of months it has not tripped due to overheating. Bottom line: SL is a good choice!

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Re: Fav Distro, Spring '13

Post by dark-one » Mon Mar 18, 2013 16:39

I also voted for Sabayon/Gentoo/Toorox, not because you asked me but because I truely prefer those distributions.

I was a Slackware user for a long time. Then I tried many existing distributions at the time. Gentoo did not exist yet, it was still called Enoch. I liked its flexibility and the fact that I was in control again. After a while, in Gentoo, I broke my system (again) so I looked around for other distributions. I tried Ubuntu because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I liked how easy it was to install and how things "just worked". But Ubuntu uses apt-get, something I don't like. At all. The .deb package maintainers often make the wrong choices when compiling packages, at least in my opinion. An example is Ubuntu's mplayer package, it's compiled to use only 1 thread. Though things worked fine in Ubuntu, I missed the idea of being in control again.

That's where Sabayon stepped in. Sabayon = Ubuntu's ease of installation + Gentoo's flexibility. It combines the best of both worlds, in my opinion and thus deserved my vote. Best of luck, Sabayon-team!

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Re: Fav Distro, Spring '13

Post by Richlion » Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:38

Maybe the links should on the main Sabayon.org page. I wouldn't have known they existed if not for this thread. On the main web page people go to download SL and I don't think too many people come here, simple reason - SL works.
46 votes now - come on Guys :bom:

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